September 15, 2017

About Us

DSA is a full service National & International specialist Law Firm with astounding expertise in Intellectual Property, Drafting and Conveyancing, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Labour Laws, Arbitration, Compliance, Corporate Services, Advisory etc.

The firm was started in the year 1967 and at present has 5 offices in Delhi, one each in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore apart from the Associates who have presence in almost all the major cities of India and at present is providing Legal Services before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, all the High Courts & has well-connected network of Associates in almost 350 Districts in the Country. The success of Deepak Sabharwal & Associates in all the markets we operate in and around the world is based on the quality of its people. We represent number of large as well as small and medium Indian Corporates and Business Houses as well as Multinational Corporations including Fortune 500 companies. The firm also represents number of large Indian Government owned companies. The firm has also been an honorary advisor to the Ambassadors of few Countries.
DSA is noted for its commitment to client service and its ability to solve the most complex and demanding legal & business challenges worldwide in a very cost-effective manner. Over the years we have helped shape and been involved in many ground-breaking developments in the legal field. Our constant endeavor is to safe guard our client’s interest effectively & efficiently on a consistent basis.

Our legal strategies are designed to ensure the continued, effective flow of our client’s daily business operations, as well as to protect their long-term financial plans. We offer alternative fee structures and cost-efficient methods to protect our clients from runaway costs while ensuring quality in all our deliverables.
Our group consists of a young and growing team that believes in sustainable quality, customer satisfaction and complete professionalism.

We have highly skilled and experienced leaders from this field to lead a dedicated team comprising of CA’s, Company Secretary, lawyers & MBA’s. We are a “Single Window Service” and provide all services on “Concept to Completion” basis in time and cost-efficient manner with high quality standards.